Lilbita Ranch

Jiggles is the most senior member of the ranch.  Before coming to live with us about 10 years ago, she spent her days chasing rabbits and porcupines at Iron Creek Lodge in the Yukon Territories.  At approximately 15 years of age, she now spends most of her time curled up either by the fireplace, or outside in a sunbeam, but still finds energy enough on most days to make a tour around the land, and even track down a muskrat or two.

Tom also came to us approximately 10 years ago, after living in the city for two years.  He had been adopted by one of our family members who was under the impression that he was going to be a smaller dog, maybe corgi-sized, but at 70lbs, one would be hard pressed to find much corgi in him! 

Tom's goal in life is to bark himself hoarse, chase squirrels and birds, and occasionally torment the cat.

Silver found his way into our home about 6 years ago after being rescued as a kitten from under a friend's mobile home.  He travelled with one of the ranch hands for approximately a year as she went to work in a remote First Nation community as a nurse, but has now come home to settle on the ranch.

Silver's main job around the ranch is to try and keep icky critters out of the ranch house.  His goal, however, seems to be to do as little as possible and spend as much time as possible in one of the ranch hands' laps.  Oh yes, and to torment Tom and the other dogs as much as possible too!

Polaris is the "baby" of the family at 3 years of age.  He was adopted as a pup from a family in a nearby community.  Being small and a good traveller, he was to be company for one of the ranch hands as she travelled into different remote First Nation communities in the area (this was after Silver decided he didn't like to travel so much!). 

The nurse has since found a job a bit closer to the ranch and no longer has to travel out to work, so Polaris' main job around the ranch now is to greet as many skiiers on the ski trails as he possibly can, appear as cute as possible, and just generally be the Ranch Pinhead!