Lilbita Ranch

Trail Making

Many years ago we enjoyed getting out from town when we weren't at work. In the winter this meant a few hours of tramping through the bush on snowshoes <PIC>, or many hours of bumpy rides down narrow snowmobile tracks <PIC> coupled with frequent stops to unstuck our machines. We tended to travel in herds <PIC WANTED> as it was always a little bit of work to have some fun in the snow and make it home the same day. Many of us limped our machines home with trail repairs to broken skis, shocks, linkages, cables, and other breakages. As time went by people came up with ideas to make the sledding more fun and less work.

At first someone would leave an old set of harrows by the trail, or an old truck tire would be pierced with a number of bolts and we would take turns dragging these up and down the trails to cut down the worst of the moguls. The main trail from High Level to Watt Mountain, roughly 20 kilometers distant, was maintained in this manner. The ride that took 3-4 hours each way could now be done in 2 hours. That meant we now had time to ride cutlines on 'the mountain', as we referred to the area.After a few years of this someone built a small trail groomer that would fit our narrow one wide trails, but the trails were still groomed by whoever had the time, inclination, and power to help out.